I am a full time photographer,  wife,  mother, and former dental assistant.  Yes -  flossing is still important to me.   I've explored several avenues of photography over the past 8 years, but just recently honed in on what really lights the fire into my soul and that is capturing real, raw love.

Whether I'm photographing a couple for their anniversary or wedding, a family who just welcomed a new member or have been together for 30 years, what I love to capture is the adventure.  That messy, just woke up, raw love between souls.

I let my clients set the tone for style.  None of those “you stand here” and “he stands there” poses, because let's be real, those suck and it doesn't reflect your true soul.  We go to the places you find most meaningful.  Tell stories.  Or whatever it is that makes you, you.  The photos always turn out big, bold and warm, with a knowing wink to the good time we had taking them.  That’s how I know I’ve done a good job – and really – those are my absolute favorite photos to share with clients again and again.

For now, you should know I’m not a runner by nature, but I’m constantly on the move.  When I’m not at home with my husband, spoiled dog , and the newest additions to our family,  daughter Ainsleigh and son Renner, I’m on the go – picking up inspiration for my next shoot, grabbing coffee with clients or, if the mood strikes, actually running.  On the rare occasion that I do slow down, it’s to appreciate the fact that I’ve had one of the best jobs in the world since starting my photography in 2011.  Seriously. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!

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