Wearing Black for Family Photos

It’s okay to wear black for family photos when...

  • In a big open field

  • Near a big, open body of water (lake, ocean)

  • Inside a home that is light & bright (or white).

  • Only one or two people in the family are wearing it.

  • In a home without a lot of clutter

It’s NOT okay to wear black for family photos when...

  • In a home with a lot of dark woodwork or colored walls.

  • In the woods or forest

  • In the city

  • In a home with a lot of decor

Should Black Be Worn for Family Photos?

If you love wearing black, keep in-mind there is a time and place for it to be worn if you want your photos to shine for your next family photography session..

The Plus-Side

Black is a great go-to choice for your everyday wardrobe attire. It’s bold, elegant, clean and professional! However it’s not always the best color choice for family photos. Remember to proceed with caution. Yes, black looks good on most everyone. Not only is it easy to find all year-round in boutiques and retail stores, but it can also help hide those insecurities we all share.

When Is Black Doable?

If the space you are being photographed in is light, bright and open, a black outfit can be elegant and really “pop” beautifully in a photograph. However, make sure at least one other person is dressed in a lighter color to compliment the black.

When is Black NOT Doable?

Deciding if it’s safe to wear black or not for you family photos often depends on the setting of your session. If your photos are being taken in the city or inside of a home with a lot of decor, you may want to avoid any black outfits. If too many people are wearing dark colors, and the background is busy, you tend to become camouflaged with each other and the setting. Keep in mind, the goal is for you to become the heart of the photograph.

Still Unsure?

For what to wear, no matter the environment you are in for family photos, you can view this post here. Below are photos of an indoor family session where black was executed perfectly and the family was still the heart of the photo.

Want to see more from this adorable family session? Click Here!

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