When to Take Newborn Photos

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Is it okay if I don’t have photos of my newborn taken RIGHT away?

"When is the best time to take newborn photos," I'm most commonly asked by new parents.

There are two different answers to this. There are the snuggly, sleeping newborns who are swaddled in their cribs or all wrapped in their parents arms. And then there is the stage when your new baby is alert, wide-eyed, reaching hands, wiggling feet, big yawns and curious eyes - my personal favorite.

FIRST WEEKS (0-6 weeks)

Those sleepy, snuggly, cuddly moments when they are fresh out of the oven. But do they have to happen within the first few days or couple weeks of birth?

More often than not, parents want to see those tiny eyes open for the camera.

If you’re seeking a session where your baby is more alert, then newborn photos in the first few weeks of life is not ideal.

I absolutely love newborns (minus a little sleep deprivation). Okay, a LOT of sleep deprivation! It’s really hard adjusting to all the new changes of parenthood And it can really take a toll on your emotions. If you simply don't get around to scheduling your newborn session, it's okay!

FIRST MONTHS (1-3 Months)

Don’t get me wrong, I love those sleepy photos, but I also love when babies start becoming more aware of their surroundings. Even better, when they start interacting with mommy and daddy. If you really want to see those eyes open, yet still have your tiny newborn, then I recommend waiting until your baby is at least four weeks-old to capture those newborn moments.

FIRST YEAR (3 Months +)

If you missed the newborn windows and your baby is a few months old, no big deal. After three months is when newborns start looking like little babies. If your labor was difficult or postpartum strikes you hard and you're not mentally ready for a stranger to walk into your home and take photos, I’m here to tell you, “it’s okay.” There is still PLENTY of time to capture those ten, tiny toes.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t muster the energy to have photos of your little one taken right away. The images you will get just might be better than they could have ever been in those first two weeks of life anyways. See for yourself!

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